LINDA CHORNEY + ULULA: Evento folk rock il 11 Settembre 2012


Evento folk rock

Linda Chorney was born before the war. She started singing as a fetus. She received a standing ovation in the delivery room and has been singing ever since. As of the year 2011, she has released 6 CD's, and 3 cassettes, and has won a total of 0 Grammy's. She has performed on all seven continents, but only one planet. Her goal is to get 1 Grammy and sing on 2 planets.
**ON THOSE LAST STATS...UPDATE! Chorney has just been nominated for BEST AMERICANA ALBUM "EMOTIONAL JUKEBOX" for the 54th GRAMMY AWARDS...but still holding at 0 Grammy's and the same goal.
Highlights in her career thus far have been breaking the Top 40 Adult Contemporary Charts, and singing for Nelson Mandela, in front of a crowd of 250,000 humans. And of course playing in Sports bars where no one is listening. She likes to refer to herself as "she" when she is writing stuff like this. Linda is about to complete two autobiographical books and release them. As her songs are mini-stories of her life, she decided to write the experiences behind the songs filled with her adventures around the world, and her dysfunctional relationships. Sounds quite self-absorbed, wouldn't you say? Just because it happened to you, doesn't make it interesting, but sometimes, putting it to music does.

io sono ULULA (21 anni) , cantautore/cantastorie almeno ci provo, farò qualche pezzo mio 3/4 qualche cover italiana e non. Quindi giusto per una mezzora o poco più! suono la chitarra e canto scrivo le musiche le parole un po' tutto insomma.
per l'occasione verrò accompagnato da JACOPO STEFANELLI BASSO (22 anni) e da mio fratello più piccolo FILIPPO GAROFALO (18 anni) alle percussioni (djambe molto probabilmente e qualcos'atro forse) siamo di verona, jacopo di san martino.