TONY LEVIN - PAT MASTELLOTTO - MARKUS REUTER : STICK MEN: Evento musica progressiva il 30 Settembre 2015


Evento musica progressiva

Tony Levin - Pat Mastelotto - Markus Reuter
Stick Drums Stick
Poland in October will mark the debut of Stick Men - a new progressive band created from musicians with extensive experience playing together. Pat Mastelotto and Tony Levin are the rhythm section of the legendary band King Crimson. Mastelotto is in demand all over the world as the premier drummer for progressive rock. Levin plays the unusual instrument, the 12 string Chapman Stick, in Crimson, and with Peter Gabriel and others. Markus Reuter is also a Chapman Stick player - one of the leaders in the field, and has played in combination with Levin, among others.

Pat Mastelotto:
Very rarely does a drummer go on to forge the most successful career on the demise of their former hit band. Phil Collins and Don Henley have managed it, so too has Pat Mastelotto, a self taught drummer from Northern California, who has also been involved with pushing the envelope of electronic drumming. Pat has spent a lifetime jumping genres from pop, to prog, to electronica to world music with – among others – Mr. Mister, XTC, David Sylvian, The Rembrandts, Kimmo Pohjonen, and for the last 15 years with King Crimson.

Tony Levin:
Born in Boston, Tony Levin started out in Classical music, playing bass in the Rochester Philharmonic. Then moving into jazz and rock, he has recorded with John Lennon, Pink Floyd, Yes, Alice Cooper, and many more. He has also released 5 solo CDs and three books over his career. His website, (having over 3 million hits) features one of the web's first road diaries, and behind-the-scenes photos of many tours he has done. In addition to embarking on recording and touring with Stick Men, he is currently a member of King Crimson and of the Peter Gabriel Band.