EMERSON LAKE & PALMER TRIBUTE PROJECT- OMAGGIO A KEITH EMERSON-: Evento musica progressiva il 01 Ottobre 2016


Evento musica progressiva


On last May 2006, Mauro Aimetti gave a birth to his PROG. PROJECT Emerson, Lake & Palmer Tribute along with Larry Ceroni (Hammond, Moog, Keys) and Oscar Abelli (Drums, assorted percussion & Gongs). Recently on the 2nd of July 2007 the last, they have had a big spot on the National TV RAI TRE inside the TGR. The transmission has been attended by 600.000 people !!! The TV RAI spot was taken from their unique event they did on the 9th of June 2007, for the very first time in Italy: Emerson Lake & Palmer Tribute Live in a real consecrated Church in Milan !!! Besides lots of concerts and Festival appearence in Italy, on November 2008 the last, ELP Tribute Project was imbarked on a European Tour (under "The Musical Box" Management) celebrating the 35th Anniversary of ELP masterpiece "Brain Salad Surgery" which included most of the same countries were ELP performed back in 1973 during their BSS European Tour! (Holland, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany again) Concluding this Tour on the 21st March 2009 the last in Italy @ the outstanding Cinema Politeama in Varese with more then 400 ELP fans were attending the Show coming down from lots part of Italy: (Ravenna, Carpi, Padova, Modena, Crema, Milan, Seveso, Bergamo, Novara, Cantù, ect.) The very positive feedback in every country from ELP fans were attending the European Tour was very encorauging and supportive for the ELP Tribute Project. Every night the Show lasts 2 hours and 40 minutes straight on! And at the end of the shows the main comment was the same everywhere: "You're so close to the real thing!...Thank's for the big gift you made to us tonight..." On 4th of June 2009 the next, ELP Tribute project is Headlining the "Verona Prog Fest" besides Historical band "The Strawbs" from UK..... On 27th of October 2009 ELP Tribute Project has been invited by Hamburgher Symphoniker Orchestra to play along with them at Laeiszhalle Music Hall in Hamburg. This is a rare opportunity for ELP fans to listen again “Live” some classical piece as like ELP played along with Symphonic Orchestra back to 1977 in Montreal stadium during their WORKS orchestral Tour! WELCOME BACK MY FRIENDS TO THE SHOW THAT NEVER ENDS!!! LONG LIVE ELP!!! One of the latest performance Live @ prestigious Laeiszhalle Music Hall in Hamburg playing "Pictures At An Exhibition" Fast forward 32 years later: ELP played Pictures At An Exhibition along with Symphony Orchestra during their WORKS Orchestral Tour; it was 1977. On October 27th 2009 ELP Tribute Project has made re-living that magical experience playing Pictures AAEX which has been performed for the first time in Germany along with 60 elements of Hamburger Symphoniker Orchestra! Conductor: Bruno Merse. An astonishing Sold-Out of 2.000 people in the Laesizhalle Music Hall, with standing ovation at the end of "Great Gates of Kiev" of Pictures. There was a magical feeling ih the Theater, 'cause on 7th June 1972, ELP played in the same Laeiszhalle Music Hall!!! And they did Pictures too! Thank's to the tight collaboration and positive synergy between Mauro Aimetti and the Orchestra Conductor Bruno Merse, the Mussorgskyj's chart suite has been studied and arranged together in a very effective way to permit a successful "Pictures At An Exhibition" Live smashing version, got it just taking one only rehearsal by ELP Tribute Project along with the Hamburger Symphoniker Orchestra, during the same day of the concert at the prestigious Laeiszhalle Music Hall in Hamburg!!! Check out on Youtube channel: "JacoMauro" for seeing that ELP Tribute Project's amazing and magic performance along with the Hamburger Symphoniker Orchestra! ... Recently, on May 2010 ELP Tribute Project did their First U.S. Tour as a Trio, playing in some outstanding venues like BB King in NYC (on 42nd Street, in the heart of Times Square), The Riviera Theatre (Buffalo, NY) – this was an outstanding gig in N. Tonawanda! An a cool gig @ Toad's Place, New Haven (CT) as well!!! The Tour was kicking off from the House of Blues in Cleveland, going through many other cities on the East Coast... Every night they played on the East Coast, ELP fans said at the end of the Show the SAME thing: “If I close my eyes, I'm in front of the real ELP... You guys are Great, you picked up the same early ELP sound of 70/71...that's our favourite time–period of the band... You guys got the same blood of ELP... ELP are in your DNA!!!” Credits from people has worked with Emerson, Lake & Palmer: Peter Zumsteg (original manager of ELP‘s Manticore record Company in London back to 1973) said: “This ELP Tribute have the same huge sound of the early EL&P !!! They’re well worth and deserve to go on tour around the world.....” Eileen Craddock (Admin. of Ladies of the Lake – www.ladiesofthelake.com): “Mauro, I've just watched "The Barbarian," and all I can say is, DAMN! You guys sound really great! Well done and nice work by the videographer - very professional. Your sound is huge and you guys are getting better each time I watch/listen. The pics on your site are beautiful. You don't know how much I wish I could see you guys play! Maybe someday you will come over to the US. Thanks for sending the link, it was well worth it! E.” – A Great Show with a wall of sound of the 70's, a tribute to Emerson lake & Palmer (The only Italian ELP tribute) , with a nod to King Crimson. Using original vintage 70's instruments (Hammond organ, Lesley, Mini Moog, Fender Jazz Bass, Gibson Bass, Guild 12 strings acoustic guitar, Gretsch Drums, bell and Chinese Gongs!). The band is a powerful trio recreating the famous aggressive wall of sound of the 70's years and capturing the magic atmosphere of the ELP music featuring: Larry Ceroni on Hammond and keys (a graduated pianist of the conservatory). He can really play Keith Emerson stuff deeply!) Mauro Aimetti on bass, 6 & 12 string acoustic guitars, Vocals (Steve Washington "Whitney Houston", Ged Lynch "Peter Gabriel, Dave Gilmour" Giulio Capiozzo "AREA", Bernardo Lanzetti & Walter Calloni "PFM" etc.) an outstanding, beautiful bass player ,acoustic guitarist and vocalist, one of the best in Italy and very known in UK as well. His voice is really reach the colour tones in the mood of Greg Lake - Taken from Newspaper "La Prealpina", "La Provincia", "Corriere Della Sera"). Oscar Abelli on Drums, assorted percussion and Gongs. A versatile drummer, he can really play Carl Palmer chops! On 16th of April 2011 the last, ELP Tribute Project came back to Italy @ the outstanding Cinema Politeama in Varese with more then 600 ELP fans were attending the “Show That Never Ends” coming down from lots part of Italy: (Ancona, Perugia, Firenze, Ravenna, Carpi, Padova, Modena, Crema, Milan, Seveso, Bergamo, Novara, Cantù, and so on.) On 6th of May 2011 the last ELP Tribute Project kicked off the Brand New European Tour in Reichenbach (East of Germany). Here it goes a little report from their terrific debut: “Being on Stage in the same Bergkeller Club where my buddy Tony Levin was there just one month ago, and FOCUS were there too, as well as main acts like: Fish, Pendragon, even Steve Hackett from Genesis played in Reichenbach!.. And getting a nearly packed club full of excited ELP fans, is something that really make me feel very proud of my ELP TP!...Thanks to my new Brother Larry EMO and thanks to Oscar Palmer-bro, Thank's: Uwe, Sit, Gunter, Dieter and to all the beautiful people @ Bergkeller in Reichenbach too!!! Move to tears, Mauro Lake :-)))