KAPREKAR'S CONSTANT (GB): Evento musica progressiva il 01 Dicembre 2018


Evento musica progressiva

kaprekar's Constant are:
David Jackson (Van Der Graff Generator): saxophone, flaute, fife, etc.
Dorie Jackson : vocals.
Alistar Nicholson: acustic guitar, electric guitar, classic guitar, mandolin, keyboards.
Nicholas Jefferson: bass, electric guitar, keyboards.
Michael Westergaard (The Blessing): keyboards, piano, vocals.
William Jefferson: vocals.
Mark Walker: Drummer.

Raison d'être
Kaprekar's Constant est.2016

Band? Project? Songwriting partnership? Maybe it's all of those. We like to think of ourselves as a Collective. Everyone involved has other interests but, when working within the framework the music dictates, members contribute passionately to the creative entity that is Kaprekar's Constant. Gone is the pursuit of satisfying an ideal demographic; this music will challenge, enlighten and surprise.

You had better set aside some time and turn off peripherals. Let the story begin...

There was before Hallsands; now there is after.