ROB MO - Roberto Morbioli trio: Evento Rock blues il 20 Aprile 2018

ROB MO - Roberto Morbioli trio

Evento Rock blues


La Band:
Roberto Morbioli Chitarra e voce
Stefano Dalla Porta Basso
Nic Taccori Batteria

“Rob is one of the most technically gifted, soulful and incendiary guitar players on the US and European blues circuits.”
“The blues flows so naturally for Roberto Morbioli, and his guitar playing and vocals are so polished, he sounds as if he grew
up closer to Chicago than Verona, Italy." Boston Herald
“While Morbioli unleashes his hellhounds in front of the stage, you hear all kinds of funk, soul, shuffle, swamp, second line and
everything that’s an unabashed, relentless feast for the ears, and other senses."
“Every note is coming straight from the heart. And it’s so infectious that you’re caught up in it before you realize what’s happening.”
Roberto Morbioli – exceptional guitar and bass player, singer, songwriter, and for more than 25 years the charismatic frontman of the Europe-wide
renowned Band MORBLUS – reinvents himself! With a new sound, a new trio formation and new name ROB MO, which he has already used in the
USA for a longer time, the Veronese virtuoso opens up a new chapter of his career. Consequently, the new CD released in Feburary 2018 is called
“From Scratch”, the twelfth album in his discography.
After many years of “Blues, Funk, Soul“ (elektric & acoustic) and projects with renowned mit famous artists shuch as Guitar Shorty, Jesse Yawn, Lucky
Peterson, Paul Orta, John Mayall, Roomful of Blues & Big Daddy Wilson, Roberto focuses on rougher, rower notes and recollected the reduced and
cleaner sound of his trio (bass/guitar), according to his motto „A good cook doesn’t need many ingredients for an
extraordinary meal – only the right ones!” Everything different, everything new? Not completely! What remains is the
established mixture of slow and up-tempo songs, loud and silent notes inspired by various musicals genres. And of
course the obligatory walk through the audience during his LIVE concerts when Roberto electrifies the listeners with
his flirty guitar and invites them to a trio into his world.