GALEN WESTON BAND (CANADA): Evento progjazz il 08 Novembre 2019


Evento progjazz

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Galen Weston has taken the Toronto jazz scene by storm with his band’s ambitious debut album, Plugged In. The highly acclaimed release features 12 tracks that include 10 originals by Weston and arrangements of Keith Jarrett’s “Country” and Jimmy Van Huesen’s “Like Someone in Love”. Weston is accompanied by veteran Toronto session players David Woodhead on fretless electric bass, Al Cross on drums, keyboardist Matt Horner, Richard Underhill on alto sax, and Rick Lazar on percussion.

“Plugged In represents a sonic exploration with my Yellow Stratocaster, ES-335 and other instruments on a two-year journey of writing and recording across a vast musical territory. Fueled by the inspiration of my favorite jazz and instrumental rock influences, this album is the culmination of many hours spent together with my guitars taming the howling of vintage Big Muff’s, cleaning tape heads on old echo machines, and tweaking the tone knobs on my classic Marshall and Fender amps in the simple yet enduring search of great tones,” states Weston.