JAMES MEADOW E LUCA PERCIBALLI -ACOUSTIC DUO: Evento Cantautorale il 05 Giugno 2021


Evento Cantautorale

ames Meadow, aka Davide Falcone, is an anthropologist singer-songwriter. His stage name, concealing a reference to the well-known anthropologist Margaret Mead, reflects his search for a synthesis between song form and ethnographic writing.

His musical roots lie in the American folk-rock acoustic scene. Inspired by artists such as Bruce Cockburn and Michael Hedges, he finds his best expressive instruments in finger-style technique, open tunings and English language. In 2016 he began a journey as a troubadour in the Italian, European and Canadian squares, and eventually he performed at the Ye Olde Orchard Pub in Montreal (QC), the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 276 in Slocan (BC) and The Dam Restaurant in South Slocan (BC). In the years that followed he toured Italy playing solo and opening acts for acclaimed artists, such as Christian Kjellvander and Bocephus King. Moreover in March 2020 he is part of the Townes Van Zandt International Festival and Friends of Townes Festival. On October 11th 2020, invited by River Spirit Music (NYC), he presented the album with an international live stream, the first European concert of the Musae platform.

The meeting with Luca Perciballi in 2016 marks his artistic maturity. With him began a collaboration that led to the recording, in March 2019, of his first studio album. A scarecrow sight is a selection of eleven tracks written between 2017 and 2018 and arranged by Perciballi. The album tries to translate the solid legacy of the American scene of the 70s and 80s into a more contemporary song form.

As an author and composer he tries to convey in his lyrics a gaze upon reality using ethnographic writing techniques. First trained at the Alma Mater in Bologna, in 2019 he graduated at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia in Anthropology and Contemporary World History. Since 2017 his research fields concern ski mountaineering and the field of reception of asylum seekers, in which he is respectively interested in techniques and landscapes and time and emergencies.

In 2018, with his personal name, Davide Falcone, he participates in a debate on the Italian magazine Anthropologia Pubblica with an article written with Giulia Consoli; in 2019 he collaborates with the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia in the course of Cultural Anthropology. His stage name evokes that of Margaret Mead, one of the first anthropologists to have stressed the importance of a look capable of grasping the complexity behind the ordinary and implicit gestures of our daily behaviour. Her thought had also a strong influence on the work of Gregory Bateson, helping him to complete Naven, the famous essay that uses the diversity of points of view as heuristic tool.

A scarecrow sight, the title of his debut album, wants to be the synthesis of these aspects: a defiladed perspective to read glances, encounters and experiences taken away from the flow of the last few years. All this within a record that, as an object, tries to remain solidly clinging to a recording tradition now at sunset.